Make a short Twine starting from a randomly assigned theme
-Limit each passage to 300 characters
-Incorporate at least 10 branches
-Draft the entire structure by the end of class, first on paper or Miro or Figma then on Twine
-Complete it as an assignment

Grading Criteria

It’s a work by an adult artist, it has a theme, a vision, a purpose, it addresses a complex/personal/difficult topic.
It’s NOT a choose-your-own-adventure for children.
It’s NOT a mundane college life simulation.
It’s formally accomplished, well written, compelling, or experimental.
It’s thoughtfully structured: the choices are meaningful and interesting, you can’t tell the same story through linear media.
It’s finished: there are no missing passages, dead ends, abrupt ending.
It has a touch of visual customization, it doesn’t use a completely default theme.


1- Build > Publish to file
2- Make or find a cover image for your story, and evocative image that sets the tone, it doesn’t have to be integrated in the twine story, it’s just for the itchio submission and the submission on this website.
4- Post the html or the link in #assignments for the crit

Twine Resources

Twine site

Twine Beginner guide – check only the first video

Twine guide – read until “playing your game”

Customizing the presentation using CSS

Twine examples to play in class

High end customizable sauna by porpentine

Queers in Love at the End of the World by anna anthropy

Staring at a cave wall by Nicole Brauer

a kiss – dan waber

the matter of the monster – Andrew Plotkin (not twine but good)

You are Jeff Bezos – Kris Ligman

(ASMR) Vin Diesel DMing a Game of D&D Just For You by Merritt K

Twines to play at home

Play at least 3 if you are choosing to use Twine

the uncle who works at nintendo – michael lutz
with those we love alive – porpentine, brenda neotenomie
daymare #1: ritual – kitty horrorshow
horse master – tom mchenry
you will select a decision – brendan patrick hennessy
ghost highland way – Josie giles
scarfmemory – michael brough
even cowgirls bleed – christine love
hunting unicorn – chandler groover


I’ll give you a random theme. You can choose to ignore if you already have an idea.

Develop the random theme into a paragraph or two.

Identify the non linear opportunities in your subject (exploration, choices, puzzle, flow of consciousness…).

Is there a common pattern that may work for you?

Fiction/non fiction?

Style/tone? Confessional, conversational, humorous, lyrical, sarcastic, objective, pasiche, rambling, dreamlike, rhapsodic, apathetic, childish, formal, ironic, philosophical, satirical, declamatory, epistolary, diaristic, elliptical, flowery, journalistic.

fist, second, third person? 

Agency, spatial agency?

Narrator/Avatar or not?

What kind of narrator? 

Characters or not? What archetypes? 

multiple endings?

multiple beginnings?

Genre, and if so how to do something new with the expectations?

Linear, Non Linear Time?

Psychological, action based?

Self Aware, meta-referential?

What’s the relation between graphics and text? Don’t make them redundant!