Assignment: Branching Story

Write a branching story with one or more of the following features:

Non-human (or better, non-animal) main character
Events out of chronological order
Multiple characters

Possibly avoid: dialog-centric stories (it’s the next assignment), life choices, choose your own adventure tropes (moving, fighting, dying etc.).

Part I
Bring a work in progress that gives an idea of the project, its style, theme and the overall structure. If you are using images or sounds, bring some of them too. If you are unsure you can also deliver two works in progress to be discussed.
Due Wednesday September 9th

Part II
Complete the project and publish it.
Due Monday September 14th

Some tips:

Try to limit each block of text to one or two paragraphs

Don’t provide many choices, provide interesting choices

Don’t just think about the content, think about how it could be narrated:
self-aware / self referential?
fist, second, third person?
multiple endings?
multiple beginnings?
Do you control an avatar?
Does it have graphics? What’s the relation between graphics and text?

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