Assignment 4: The interface IS the game

Make a game that is 100% graphic user interface.

*Avoid avatars and representational spaces as much as you can
**Avoid standard interface-heavy genres, make the GUI the protagonist

Some approaches:

Interfaces as narrative frames


Interface centered genres


Breaking the 4th wall

Mysterious interfaces


UI Design (different from UX)

Material – design language/philosophy used by Google

Flat design vs skeuomorphism

With flat design is more difficult to communicate affordances.

Affordance: your elements should communicate how they are supposed to be used by using color, shape, animation,  context, etc. (also “perceived affordance”).

…and consistency!


Interfaces in game design
Off topic for this assignment but good article on various types of GUI in AAA games


UI Design Resources

Noun project

Google fonts


Various UI design resources

sketch app resources – for sketch (Mac free trial 30 days)

color palette generator – for graphic design

ui templates for games – warning they tend to be casual games oriented and over detailed

Kenney free assets – not only UI

UI development in Unity

Tech overview:


Canvas scaler

Image and rect transform anchors,pivot,raw images
Sprite editor, adding borders, slicing images, tiled, filled

Button event from inspector

Slider event from inspector

Changing text, font etc

Canvas group

Friendly Tutorial

Another Friendly Tutorial

*Do not use the official unity space UI example, it’s bloated and over engineered

The assets I used are here

Make a clicker in 20 minutes!
With at least one unlockable

Paper prototyping time!

Pick a part of a game that is usually resolve with GUI


Make a game out of it


Pick a non game digital interface


Make a game out of it

Imagine a non-humanoid alien.
Design an alien interface (not necessarily digital) for them.


Our GUIs are based on metaphors, mostly office related.
Design an OS starting from a different metaphor.