Assignment 6: Visual Gameplay


Come up with an original gameplay centered around a distinctive audiovisual solution.

*It can be an exploration game as long as there is some kind of mechanic, I don’t want just a weird looking static environment
**Ideally, your prototype would not function as a game if it had a standard type of graphics.

Some Examples

recognizing patterns

(Play the real deal in class)

Empty – Play in class


(this is not very interactive but it’s interesting regardless)

Entire Screen in One Game – Play in class


Salome – Play in class


Like Roots in the Soil – Play in class


Example package demoed in class
(warning: pre-existing assets with the same name in the importing project will be overwritten without warning)

Shaders for surfaces, effects, simulations, post rendering pipeline, image effect, shader graph.

Materials and shaders – Some examplesTechnical tutorials – More examples – Even More examples

Shaders for post rendering effects – intro tutorialsome examples

How to set up a post processing stack

Shader Graph – Unity’s new node based editor – intro tutorial – it requires somewhat experimental downloadable modules

Camera rendering on texture



Find a game or environment you created/used before, radically transform its presentation using any of the tools or shaders above.