Assignment: codebases and skill sharing

The Global Game Jam happens next week, it will be our first assignment.
In preparation for it, we will create and present some generic game templates that can be used in a variety of situations and build a shared toolkit we can all tap into.

Each student will research a template or a process, present it to the class next week, and share the code as unity package.

The presentation/demo shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes and should provide a general understanding of how to use the template or process.

The templates should include only he core gameplay, use the most abstract placeholder art, and be as flexible as possible (e.g. with exposed key variables on scripts). You can use existing scripts and tutorials, just don’t lift entire examples. You cannot use something purchased from the asset store.

The processes, should be a series of tips, methods, or a full workflow related to the creation of assets.


2D Platformer in Unity: tuneable player movement, tile-based level, collectibles, obstacles, simple moving enemy (no AI).

3D platformer in Unity: physics based player controls, 3rd person camera without clipping and occlusion, obstacles, collectables, dumb enemies (no AI).

2D top-down Zelda-like: using unity’s own tilemap system. Player movement, obstacles, support for different scenes, tile rules.

3D flight simulator:
spaceship (zero gravity) AND airplane (gravity) controls, obstacles and crashing, trails, 3d person camera smoothing, shooting optional.

3D vehicle/racing: physics-based vehicle controls, obstacles, areas that slow you down, smooth camera follow.

3D isometric view: 2 types of movement: keyboard 4 or 8 directions AND point and click with wayfinding through nav mesh . Obstacles, camera scroll.

2d Shoot ’em up: ship controls, shooting, collectables, obstacles, example of enemies movement and spawning.

2D Angry birds/worms-like: physics based slingshot/ballistic, collisions, obstacles, terrain.

3d First person shooter: player controls, weapon, crosshair, shooting by raycast, shooting physic-based objects (think rockets), basic level grayboxing with grid pro and probuilder.

Simple 2d game with Unity Playground: explain basic principles.


Unlit/flat shaded low-poly graphics: how to make things look good without textures and complex lighting, best applications and tools, best shaders.
Deliverable: 10 original assets made using this process.

Voxel models: magica voxel, import to unity workflow, texturing, tips and tricks.
Deliverable: 10 assets made with that style.


Pixel art workflow: Unity’s perfect pixel package, how to make pixel art look good and consistent in Unity, importing tips, common issues (blurry sprites, resolution problems, scaling).
Deliverable: 2d project file with some sprites.