Student Work

Storytime Shadows allows you to illustrate classic fables using your very own shadow puppet characters. Awkwardly twist and bend your hand models and watch your quirky cast of puppets bounce across the screen.”

Interstate Buffet

Dream Street Market

You’ve drifted off and find yourself in a strange, yet all too familiar place… Welcome to Dream Street Market! This sprawling collection of vendors have bizarre items unlike any you’ve seen before. Make sure to collect the items that speak to you – it might be the last chance you ever get!


Gather, grow and gobble a gazillion ‘shrooms in a wild woody wonderland

Get lost in a world of psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelic experiences (headphones strongly recommended). Eat and breed (yes, breed) mushrooms to your heart’s content. Creating hybrid mushrooms can strengthen their psychedelic potency, or blend their effects for more interesting experiences.


The Ol-Factory is now hiring! See and learn about each of the 10 basic smells. If you can pass the smell test, then welcome aboard!

Lucid Dream Trainer