It is a game about a gem and the people it meets. In sum, there are three characters the gem can meet, a boy, an alien, and another gem. Created by Qiaochu (Mac) Li.

Update: A quick fix for the alien crush bug.

Download Playable Here


  1. Guy de Bree

    Cute. The writing has some spelling errors in it though, although it’s not sue if that’s intentional or not. I don’t think it detracts, overall. Also, I managed to crash the game while talking to the alien.

  2. Rachel M

    My assumption is that the alien is Ruby, but I’m not 100% on that. The language of the action choices is deeply abrupt, as in it bypasses all semblance of transition and gets right to showing me my most intimate self. I find this hilarious, though I don’t think that was your intention, given the seriousness of the memories the boy recalls. The visuals are consistent and the title screen especially shows great design competency (I wish some of this was carried over into the compositional arrangement of the playable images.) Narratively, I also find the fact that I can stand outside and watch days pass instead of interacting with the gem hilarious, and I wish I had more ridiculous action options.

  3. alicia

    I liked the overall structure of the story. The way that if you skip every option the story is cyclic– it goes back through the day again. I don’t like the repetition in choices and the lack of detail in the stories after you make a choice. Perhaps you could elaborate and be more descriptive. Any more context at all would be helpful.

  4. Shoup

    I encountered an error when showing the alien an unknown person. Overall very cute, but my choices didn’t really have any consequences, which would have made me like this game a lot more. If my actions don’t do anything, am I really playing the game, or just watching it?

  5. Ivan Wang

    I would have liked to see more dynamic choices rather than binary decisions. Design-wise, the choices and buttons were a bit small for the large resolution. Other than that, however, I enjoyed the cyclical nature of the game and the ability to choose how and whom to interact with.

  6. Liz

    Though the narrative seemed kind of abstracted, overall felt like it was a pretty cute game. I do wish the consequences of showing a bad moment with the kids mom was more meaningful. I think adding a complexity to the effects of the gem’s decisions would really make this game a lot more impactful

  7. paolo

    I agree with the comments above. Either you add more complexity or you adopt a children’s book tone, more whimsy and relatable, maybe some kind of moral.