1. Rachel M

    I wish this was complete. And that I could escape without bringing up task manager. But mostly that it was complete. There’s a lot of humor (deriving from fighter game tropes) to the narrative, which was mirrored in the visuals. I enjoyed the stacking flow from image to image, but the images themselves I also read as incomplete. Even if this is the style you are aiming for, my association with this rough type of image is always something that will be refined. I don’t think the visual style of the buttons are doing you any favors. Matching their visual scheme with the general feel wouldn’t be difficult in Unity either. There’s an interesting thing happening with the player character reveal. Normally I would be annoyed that my dialogue choice is repeated back to me (I can remember what I said) but in this case you use to show me who I am, and I’m rewarded with an image. Though this reveal is a one time deal, the complexity and intrigue of the “rewarded” image carries the subsequent dialogue repeats.

  2. Matt Kellogg

    I liked the smooth reveals. I agree that the buttons and images felt unfinished. The button reveals also felt super slow. I also didn’t appreciate that they overlapped the images. I would prefer that the buttons be highlighted glowy bits in the images that were styled for each frame. I’m not sure how to do that, but I think it would go better with the visual novel/comic style than the plain buttons. Also, I’m not sure if it is part of the style, but colors in the images would draw me into them more.

  3. Ivan Wang

    I love the interactive comic format– I almost feel like I’m reading a choose-your-own-adventure manga. The dialogue is quite humorous as well. I understand this is a prototype but given more time, cleaning up the art and adjusting the button styles would help the aesthetics a lot.

  4. John Choi

    The contrast between the seriousness of the faces and the frivolity of the competition makes this game comical. As grown adults, the people look as though they are ready to rip out each other’s throats, but the fact they are playing a children’s game as though their lives depend on it is great. Oh the suspense, you leave us on a cliffhanger 🙂

  5. Sylvia Kosowski

    Overall I think you’re off to a good start, since the text and images you have so far work well to set the tone of this intense yet ridiculous concept of a rock-paper-scissors game. One thing to consider for the finished game is to make the buttons more integrated into the visual novel style rather than just buttons. Instead perhaps they could have a more speech bubble style themselves. If you don’t want to have two speech bubbles because you think it might be confusing, one option could be to have a single speech bubble and have some indicator like an arrow on it to show that you can change the text in the speech bubble (and then press a different key or something to select your choice for the text). I think something like that might work well to integrate the choices with the comic format more, since right now the comic panels and the button choices seem very separated.

  6. alicia

    I’d actually like to see some color I think. The visuals are powerful, but maybe if they looked more finished, it would be better. The story line has potential but I can’t really say much else since it’s so little to go on.

  7. Sahay

    The potential for this game is hilarious for sure. The buttons are a little strange – if there is any extra time, making them look similar to the rest of the art would be a good touch. I am a fan of the black and white art otherwise. I like the dialogue, it seems like the friendly confrontation that you’d get from seasoned veterans at these kinds of events. Overall, definitely a fan of what you have here and would like to see more.