Christine Love

Recently I’ve played Digital: A Love Story and Analogue: A Hate Story, games by Christine Love. I really enjoyed these games because they allow the reader to delve into complex stories by perusing through a surplus of textual documents (in Digital, the player is using an old computer navigating early internet chat boards, and in Analogue, the player is a detective accessing logs from a spaceship where everyone died.) The mysteries and connections between characters in these stories are revealed over time as the player delves deeper into the story. I really enjoy the way her stories unfold. Her work also examines compelling themes such as relationships, technology, and feminism.

She began making visual novels in high school, though according to Love, she never planned on getting into making games. She always thought she was going to be a writer. She was majoring in English literature in university and did mostly writing projects before Digital: A Love Story. She had been writing small visual novels (one a year) and had written a novel, but nothing had given her widespread recognition. She began working on Digital: A Love Story while in college, which became her first breakout success, but she thought of it as more of a writing project.  Love says she didn’t consider it a game until people started calling it a game. She began working on more interactive narratives and ultimately she dropped out of college in order to work on Analogue: A Hate Story. She’s now working on a new game Ladykiller in a Bind, which will be an erotic visual novel about social manipulation.

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