heather penn

Heather Penn is an artist/designer working on Overland. She makes her own personal projects on the side with Unity and Maya, as well as comics. She was part of the UCLA Game Lab for a few years and worked on the game projects there, developing her 3D skills as a game artist. There’s not much information to be found on her–how she broke into the industry, for one, but I’m assuming the UCLA Game Lab had something to do with that, and Finji was apparently looking to hire atypical designers in order to not create something derivative of the developers’ old works.

She basically has what I want short term: a solid following as an online artist, working on a unique game with a good team as an artist/designer, and doing personal projects on the side. I would say there are a lot of artists out there working like this right now, but she’s just a more recent example I’ve come across.

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