Update – The Tail of Weenerdog’s Son

So far I have recreated the level from scratch focusing on telling a narrative through the players exploration of the environment. I got inspiration for this change when playing the beginner’s guide and seeing that every movement should be one with purpose. This story will be one where the player goes through an exploration of several environments. The drugs will be hidden i the environments and provide boosts for our character.


Scripting – Melee script added, object health script added

Art – Dirt, sand, rock, grass, ice, and cracked earth materials added. Sword created in Maya, needle grass textures, 2 realistic grass textures

Engine – Placing textures and terrain heights for project



For Next Update:

get placeholders for the various characters

include ‘collectibles’ in the game

Implement dialogue for characters

Put sword in the game

Create colliders for the walls of the game

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