Moody Artificial Intelligence

IAI_RobotFaceThis is AIAI, the Advanced Interactive Artificial Intelligence.

The graphics have already been made, and the mood is to be tense, sinister, and dark. This is not your average happy family robot.

AIAI possesses a movable eye, eyelids, and petals for speaking. The graphical face responder is currently capable of speaking anything through a real time text to speech system, echoed and reverberated for maximum effect.

This is a robot designed to express emotion and evoke emotion from its users. Additional features to further exaggerate emotion include smoking particle effects, changing eye color, changing background color, and expressive eyelid motions to signify intent.

The neutral color palette consists of a saturated red for the eyes, and contrasting blues for the background. There is only one eye, with rotating platforms to further accentuate AIAI’s machine construction.

When complete, AIAI will have speech recognition and will be able to respond to its user via a natural conversation. An potential additional feature includes face tracking for maximum attention.

Here are some additional references used for inspiration:

HAL 9000 (2001, A Space Odyssey)


Wheatley (Portal 2)

Sentinel (The Matrix Revolutions)



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