Soundscape Documentation

Kristina Wagner and Matthew Kellogg

In this soundscape, users are invited to play a MIDI keyboard. The game takes this input and detects whether it is major or minor, pitch changes, and more. Those changes are made a part of the landscape the player explores in real time.

For example, when the user starts playing in minor, the landscape turns dark, the textures change to snow and the weather gets worse (the clouds increase and the sky darkens). By contrast, when major is played, the landscape turns into a three dimensional version of the Windows XP “Bliss” wallpaper, with bright grass and and blue sky.

Please feel free to download Windows version of the game. Regrettably, we don’t have a Mac version or a 3D printable MIDI keyboard. However, in a regular computer keyboard, the keys


BCDEFGABC and the the row above maps to the corresponding sharps and flats.


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