To The Top

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To The Top is a 2D multiplayer platformer which allows players to compete by seeing who can get to the top of the level. All you have to do is jump up platforms. Of course, you’ll need to pay the cost of living for being a cube, as well as for any jumps. Fortunately, the world is full of opportunities to earn a living, that anyone can take advantage of. To The Top is an exploration of the idea of opportunity, and how you can succeed and win if only you work hard.





Goal: Reach the door at the top of the level.

WASD to move and jump.
M to mine.
R to reset the game.

Base jumps are available for the low, low cost of ¤20.

We also offer premium upgrades:
2nd Jump: ¤40
3rd Jump: ¤80
4th Jump: ¤160
5th Jump: ¤320

Income/Cost of Living:
Over time, you are billed for cost of living expenses, and also have income coming in.

Press H to dismiss these instructions (and bring back up if needed).

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