1. This game was so satisfying. I literally would play this forever. The fact that I understand that everything is actually a dream and my acknowledgment (and your acknowledgement) of the absurd made this one of the most enjoyable experiences. I don’t know why but I was able to replay the same storyline with the same choices.

    I am excited for an expanded version of the game. I know you were (are?) planning on creating more dream experiences, and I think that creating more content would increase this game’s addictiveness and this game’s experience the most.

    Also on a non-artistic and non-imformative side note… play this game while listening to Breezeblocks by Alt J in the background.

  2. I agree with Nathan; the acknowledgement of the ridiculous brought much enjoyment. I played through multiple storylines and endings just to see the different results. Your writing is fantastic, and it’s what makes this sooo replayable.
    I’m most interested in how the character’s attitude and opinion, even the physical and “real life” events revealed at the end, are determined by the path of the dream. It’s satisfying

  3. Yes. This game has the best options. The writing is very good and really embodies a dream-like quality! And the responses are basically how my brain works when I’m dreaming. Are you planning on finishing the full version?

  4. Yes ma’am. I also need to fix a few typos etc.

  5. The game was very relatable thanks to its writing and smooth progression. One thing I didn’t get was a distinctive narrator – most of the thoughts seemed general and stereotypical. That may have been the effect you were going for, in which case I like it.

  6. Nailed the stream-of-consciousness effect, right down to the internal snark (“no that’s ridiculous”). I like it.

    I managed a lucid dream at first but then replayed. Wow that got dark.

  7. I don’t have much to add to the comments above. I like that you establish the character is dreaming since the beginning. There is a lot of narrative potential in lucid dreams, you can definitely get weirder and darker, mess with cause and effect relationships and more stream-of-consciousnessy. Technically speaking, the stream of consciousness in literature has almost no punctuation and structure.

  8. I like that by using a dream, you managed to make the real-life story much more intense. Like others have said, the ending is very satisfying and makes you want to replay it.

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