Deep listening workshop
From 4-6pm on Thursday October 5th  in the iDeATe Media Lab (HL A10A), Stephanie Loveless from the Deep Listening Institute will offer a participatory workshop introducing the sounding and listening meditations of composer and sound pioneer Pauline Oliveros. All are welcome. We will explore the difference between passive hearing and active listening, collaborate in group sonic meditations, and develop our own site-responsive scores for listening and sounding. With these activities, we will work towards cultivating attunement to, and agency within, our sonic environment.

LIVE! Art&&Code
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  • LIVE! Art&&Code’s VDMX & ISF Workshop with David Lublin and Friends
    • Friday, October 13th 1-5PM
    • Apply Here (Application Closes October 1st at 11:59PM)
  • LIVE! Art&&Code’s TouchDesigner Workshop with Zoe Sandoval and Matthew Ragan
    • Saturday, November 11th from 1-6PM, and Sunday November 12th from 1-5PM
    • Apply Here (Application Closes October 29th at 11:59PM)
  • LIVE! Art&&Code’s LIVE CODE Workshop with Olivia Jack, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo, Char Stiles, and Dr. Kate Sicchio
    • Saturday 2nd 11AM-6PM
    • Apply Here (Application Closes November 19th at 11:59PM)