Project: One Minute Image Place

Create a first person environment using only 2D images in space and text.
Pick a theme and complete it:

The museum of _
A memorial for _
The church/temple of _
A world fair expo pavilion presenting _
The _ factory
A retelling of _ (through environmental storytelling)

Let’s brainstorm this.
Try think about subjects and proposals that could not exist in real life.

– The experience should last about 1 minute.
– Add an exit (I may stitch the scenes together)
You must change the default skybox.
– First Draw a map of your environment explaining all the pathways and the things a visitor will encounter. Post it in assignments.

-Complete your One Minute Image Place


Some scripts to work with sprites in 3D

2D in 3D?

Early 3D engines where still kind of 2D…