Project: Fantasy Sport


“The voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles”
-Bernard Suits (1978)

Create a fantasy sport video game.
It should be either single player or couch-multiplayer, up to 4 players (avoid AI/NPCs and networking)
It should use analog controllers, unless you are doing something more experimental


By Wednesday, working individually, post at least 3 pitches responding to the prompts below.

We will vote the most promising / original / feasible but I (prof) will make the teams.

A pitch, for the purpose of this assignment is an illustrated description of the mechanics

Impossible players


  1. Devise a sport around an impossible player.
    What if cars played soccer?
    What if giraffes played volleyball?
    What two legged humans compete in athletics?
    Try to change the sport the least you can.

Usual sports, unusual controls

2. Pick a sport or physical game
2a. Devise a control system that is not the most straightforward.
2b. Cross it with a control system from a different game

Bad example: move from point A to point B in a GTA-like game but the controls are inverted.

Bad example: move from point A to point B in a GTA-like game but you have a very limited about of time

In other words, is the new constrain just an inconvenience or rather:
it adds new expressive possibilities (e.g. it’s humorous or meaningful per se)
it immediately stimulates ideas for levels or scenarios
it makes the system easy to learn but difficult to master

Impossible situations

A typical videogame take on the fantasy sport is just ADD VIOLENCE. Avoid that, it’s too easy.
And done before eg: Speedball, Mutant league , Hyperblade, etc


3. Pick an existing sport or physical game, add a rule or condition that defy the laws of physics or reality.

Try a modifier like – [sport] but  [set in a high fantasy world] [in a cyberpunk future] [with flying brums]


Quadball fka quidditch

Tron inspired.

4. Adapt a fictional sport from literature, film or other media 

4b. Find an obscure sport that has never been adapted to videogame

(I made two! 3 sided football and Arcade Bike Polo)

Beyond the screen

5. Devise a sport “videogame” that uses game technologies in non standard ways