Resources: Interface

Interface Kit Examples

The companion video tutorials can be found here:

Warm up exercise

Done individually. Watch part 1 to 3 of the tutorials. You have 2 choices:

A. Make a simple clicker/idle/incremental game.
It must have at least 5 upgrades.
It must have a novel theme.
Watch this analysis and or read this 3 part series about the math of incremental games part 1 part 2 part 3

B. Make an interface vignette.
Give a glimpse of a world, develop a character, or tell a story uniquely through an interface (fictional operating system, application or website).
It must have at least 5 interactive elements.

UI Design Resources

Noun project


Google fonts


sketch app resources – for sketch (Mac free trial 30 days)

color palette generator – for graphic design

ui templates for games – warning they tend to be casual games oriented and over detailed

Kenney free assets – not only UI

Lots of free stuff on itchio