Project: The interface IS the game

Make a game that is 100% graphic user interface.

*Avoid avatars and representational spaces as much as you can
**Avoid standard interface-heavy genres, make the GUI the protagonist

Some approaches:

Interfaces as narrative frames

Interface centered genres


Breaking the 4th wall

Mysterious interfaces



UI Design (different from UX)

Material – design language/philosophy used by Google

Flat design vs skeuomorphism

With flat design is more difficult to communicate affordances.

Affordance: your elements should communicate how they are supposed to be used by using color, shape, animation,  context, etc. (also “perceived affordance”).



Paper prototyping time!

1. Let’s list non gaming digital applications
Pick one
Design a game out of it.

2.  Let’s list game genres that involve very little GUI interactions
Pick one and…
Design an interface-centric version of it.

3. Our GUIs are based on metaphors, mostly office related. Let’s list alternative metaphors.
Pick one and…
Design an OS starting from it.