Websites to follow
Gamasutra (industry/development)
Kotaku (daily news)
Polygon (longer reads, reviews)
KillScreen (game + culture)
Rock Paper Shotgun
Edge (AAA, has job section)

Indie / DIY reviews
Warp door (freeware)
Indie Games
Free Indie Games (2012-14)
Forest Ambassador (Accessible indie games) (distribution, Steam for small devs)
Humble Bundle (curated indie and not)

Conferences (US)
GDC (early March)
Indiecade (mid October)
Indiecade East (mid February)
Fantastic Fest (indie)
Games For Change (serious, edu)
Dice Summit (AAA, for suits)
Come Out and Play (street, pervasive, sport)
DiGRA (game studies, academia)
Pax (fanboys, “gamers”)

The Game Source (Indie)
Glorious train wrecks (DIY, Klick n Play/Game maker)
Game Creation Society (local CMU)
Pittsburgh IGDA (local IGDA, professional industry) (board games)

Ludlum Dare
Global Game Jame (January 23-25) jams

Indie business mega list

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