Assignment: Telepresence

Assignment: make an online multiplayer environment in which remote users can communicate in non-functional ways, create together, or just “feel” each other’s presence in a unique way.

Part 1

These are the teams color coded.

Go through the MURAL brainstorm and start discussing and combining together the half baked ideas with your teammates.

Come up with 2 or 3 different/alternative themes for the project. For each of them:
What would be the title and tagline?
What would be the visual style?
Can the experience be conveyed in a short video (gif) or a screenshot?
What’s unique about the idea/theme an how it differentiates itself from what’s already out there?

Deliverable: one paragraph description + visuals if it applies.

Part 2

Prototype some key parts of the user experience without implementing the server side. Each group will receive an individualized prompt.

Deliverable: a single player interactive “toy” that demonstrates the feel or the basic mechanics.