Second Project: Multiplayer Game

Next steps:

The first project (telepresence) is due on October 30.
The morning will be devoted to crits and playtests, the afternoon to brainstorm ideas and form groups for the second project.

October 16 and 23 there are no classes but each team will have a meeting with the prof on both days.
If you are unavailable on Friday we can schedule other times.

Second Project: Make a multiplayer game with cooperative and/or persistent elements.

  • Each team can decide to continue working together if there is a consensus (or if at least 3 of the members want to continue working together).
  • Each team that decides to work together can also opt to continue developing or building upon the first project if it’s worth.
  • The students from all the disbanded teams will form new teams through a brainstorming process similar to project one. As for the first project, the brainstorm is just meant to identify general affinities, you’ll be able to change your project significantly.