MacKenzie-Subversive Play

Subversive Cooperation

The idea is simple take any single player console game and make it a cooperative experience for a number of players (2-4).

The setup is easy.

  1. All players sit facing the TV in a line.
  2. Setup the looping countdown (here) for 7 seconds
  3. Launch a game
  4. When the countdown alarm rings, pass the controller

When tested with two players on Forza 5 and Titanfall, the mod did create an engaging and fun cooperative experience. The cooperation did come at a cost though as we did not do as well in the games as we would have on our own. But with practice this “hot potato” style of play could be perfected. Nevertheless, the mod makes these games fun for a group of friends to play together and rebels against the stereotype that the only way to play these games is to be alone in a dark basement.

3rd Year Senior Computer Science and Art President of Game Creation Society Over the Summer of 2014, I worked for 343 Industries (Microsoft) on the Halo Channel and Halo 5: Guardians as a Software Engineering Intern in Kirkland, WA. Over the Summer of 2013, I worked on The Sims 4 as a Software Engineering Intern with a focus on Gameplay User-Interface features for Maxis (Electronic Arts) in Redwood Shores, CA.