Subversive Play – Police Body Cameras and Counterstrike

The Counter Terrorists Win!

WARNING: THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR LIFE. No on-screen gore but–it’s not easy to watch.

Thanks to some recent developments in technology, it’s become cost-effective enough for police departments to have their officers carry a recording device on their person at all times.

Videos of these new systems are beginning to surface which show both the positive and negative sides of making information like this (a video of a police altercation) available to the public under FOIA requests.

The footage is incredibly striking when present alongside a first person shooting game like CounterStrike because it a literal translation of a digital action – right down to the viewpoint and the sound effects. It creates an unexpectedly visceral response to the action, regardless of the political impact or legality. It’s hard to argue for or against lethal force when presented with such staggering, gut-punching recordings. It removes the question of “necessary” or “good” or “bad” and instead makes you ask “is it even human?”

Games are an escape… but I have to say, after the events of Ferguson last month, I’m not all that interested in suiting up in riot gear to “shoot up some terrorists.” Recent events have kind of spoiled the fun.