Subversive Play: tic tac to!

This is the documentation of my reinterpretation of the game ‘tic tac toe’ . In this game, the objective is to make the other person score tic tac toe instead of yourself. If you watch the games that we played you can see that it is actually much easier to win using these rules. Usually, the game comes to a stalemate without anyone winning. In this interpretation however, the game rarely closes in a draw and I find that this kept both players motivated to keep playing. It is also easier to come up with strategies for this game; for example, I found that if one was able to posses the side four spaces on the board that were not corners, it was easy to gain victory.


As we played the game more and more, we became faster at it (just like in normal tic tac to The thing that made it interested was that their seemed to be much more ways to avoid tic tac toe than to get it; instead of trying to win, the object of the game  became about trying to corner the other player into losing. It became a bit more aggressive and to me, used the two-player aspect of the game better than the original game.


Overall, I enjoyed making this small change and it makes me wonder what other games we can enjoy by playing it with a different rule set.