Game Fest – Maryyann

I went to the Game Fest expecting it to be in a large open field and was really surprised that the games were concentrated in a small fenced area. After wondering around a bit, I managed to play around three games: Turtle Wushu, A gulfball throwing game, and a Nashville card shooting game.

The card game was my favorite because the playing ground was a lot larger than the other games. We walked around in two teams and fought each other with cards. The player with the higher card gets to steal the loser’s card and in the end the two team leaders dueled. There was a funny moment in which I had to duel someone from across the street. Turtle Wushu was also an enjoyable game. The game involved players balancing toy turtles on your hand and knocking off turtles of another player. It reminded me of a varied version of Ninja. I think the most challenging game was the gulfball tossing game. You had to spin a pair of gulf balls at the right speed so that they would rope around metal bars. The challenge made the game a lot more enjoyable though.