Swetha Kannan, Nivetha Kannan, Christin Bongiorni – Risque


Risque is a multi-player spin off game of The well known board game Risk. Our iteration of the game has gotten rid of the many small concepts included in the game Risk such as the soldiers, the dice, the turns, and so on, which we felt were somewhat boring, elongated the game, and had no unique purpose when compared to other games. Instead, we kept the most basic element of the game: territory. By transferring the board onto the human body, body parts were able to become territories that other players may ‘conquer’. In this way, players are forced to interact with each other through touch; touching territories/body parts to conquer. Typically, the game would be played naked underneath th This does not mean it has to be awkward; Although it is bound to have some of that, the game goes through the movements quickly and with an upbeat song that causes players to quickly immerse themselves in the game and lose sight of their hesitations or inhibitions. In this way, we found that the game did a good job of introducing a ‘risque’ element while also keeping it fun enough that not any one player feels shamed, victimized, etc.


Here is a video of what a typical CD included with the game would include:

Credit for the Song: “Colors” by Tobu




  1. This makes me think of Twister somehow–a (fairly more) awkward, (significantly more) inappropriate version of Twister…

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