Swetha Kannan – Learning to Love you More Assignments

Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

In this Assignment, I was basically asked to make a list of advice I have for my past self. This is what I cam up with:

“Advice for Swetha at age 12,

Ok, so your like maybe 12 years old now so I know a lot of this is going to go over your head.
That’s why I wrote this for you.
Read it over and over again and take any advice you can.

First. When you make a friend in 3rd grade do not waste a single tear on her. I know she’s mean and rude and there’s so much drama around her but in middle school she’ll finally stop hanging out with you.

Second, don’t worry about getting along with your sister because when you parents drag you to India, you two will be the only English speakers around. She literally has no choice but to love you.

Third, When You get your first Honors English teacher don’t get so scared of her. Please do not listen to a word she says. She’ll tell you about how much harder life will be from then on but let me assure you nothing can be as pointlessly difficult as her class. You do not need to know how much gallons of water are in the Mississippi river just because your reading Huckleberry Finn. That was just her BSing.

Fourth, Don’t stick around the Anime club too much. Most of them are weird, and it gets even weirder when it moves to the library and its not just limited to high schoolers.

However, do go to anime conventions. Go to tons of them because you’ll make tons of friends. Take your own friends to them. It’ll be a blast.

Sixth, Your college is going to be Carnegie Mellon. Don’t bother applying to like 10 colleges. Do yourself a favor and score above 2000 on your SAT or else your parents will be holding it over your head your whole life. Also, In high school everyone tells you AP exams don’t really help in college. Lies! They help a ton so take as much of those things as you can!

Finally, Take moments to love your dog TONS because you will miss him every day in college. Oh yeah, you convince your parents to get a dog in 8th great, good job!

Luckily you don’t mess up a ton in your life to remember that in high school when you feel like a screw up. Also, don’t do anything your not comfortable with, honestly none of it even matters when your older. No one will ever care how many guys you dated or how great your wardrobe was.
That’s it for now, keep up all your grades, remember to have fun, and love your family.

Good Luck!

With Affection,
Your Much Older Self”

The fun part was trying to figure out how to deliver this letter. I was originally thinking about mailing the letter to my address when I was twelve but that would just reach my parents :/ How do I reach my specific younger self? Then I remembered that I was an avid player on neopets when I was younger until I got locked out of my account. I have a new account now that I play on occasionally so I decided to send this list to my old neopets account since the only person to have ever used it was my younger self.

My old user profile:

Sending the Message: