Ticha-LTLYM #44: “Make a LTLYM assignment”.

Assignment #71
Shout out something you love in the middle of a public place.

Go to a public location with lot of people and, at the top of your lungs, shout out something you love. It could be a person, book, TV show, ice-cream flavor, etc., but your sentence must begin with “I love…” in the local language of the place you’re in (e.g. “I love Super Mario!”).

D O C U M E N T A T I O N >

Send us a video of you doing this task with the title “I LOVE [thing you love in capital letters]!”


When two people share a love for something, a special bond is established between them. Whether the people are complete strangers to each other or the closest of friends, they have a unique kinship created from their mutual interest. This is why places like Anime/Comic/Video game conventions are so successful–because they give people the opportunity to find others with similar interests ¬†and ‘geek out’ about the things they love without shame. I was interested in creating a microcosm of that environment in my custom LTLYM assignment through making people shout out what they love in a public space, so they may discover the reactions and potential friendships that simple gesture could create.