A Hop and a Skip

Game instructions on the tree!
The sun marks the beginning of the game. (a happy beginning)
A view of the game play space.
Just getting started – tutorial level.
Action shot of the group leaving the tutorial level behind.
There is no turning back.

The inspiration for this particular corporative outdoor game was a circle of stones surrounding a large tree. A group of three or more players congregate at the beginning of the circle marked by a yellow sun. The Players each pick a color and stand on the stone closest to the sun marked with their color. The players join hands and thus the frolicking may begin. The players must traverse the circle while both maintaining a constant connection to the group and only stepping on stones that are marked with their particular color. The only exception to this rule is that players may step on each others feet to reach a stone of their color. The game starts at a tutorial level and gets progressively more difficult as you go around the circle.