Project: p5 capstone

Make an interactive/dynamic artwork in p5 that uses an external library, or some advanced code we haven’t covered in class.
The library can be among the p5 add-ons, one the templates below, or something I can help you find based on your idea.
You don’t have to understand all the internal workings of the library: the goal is to figure out how to use it (or mis-use it).
The theme is open, we’ll discuss your proposals individually.

The evaluation parameters are:
is it just a rehash of the examples covered in class?
*stylistic consistency: is the visual style random or is it deliberate and working in harmony with the interaction or theme?
*content: is it just a technical exercise or are you trying to incorporate broader issues and concerns?

By Tuesday March 30
Bring a work in progress and a list of technical, design and conceptual issues you need to address out or discuss.

By Thursday April 1
Due date, be prepared to present it to the class.

Flocking Boids – using classes and vectors
Common building blocks for artificial life and ecologies, complex systems, particles

Brightness mirror / webcam filter – using the pixel array.
Also see: Daniel Rozin‘s mirrors or Camille Utterback’s Text Rain

Motion History – example by Kyle McDonald
Estimates the motion of a live feed or video pixel by pixel.

Inter-Face – using handsfree.js
See Also: the history of face recognition/detection/classification and what artists did with it

Hand tracking – with handsfree.js
A virtual puppet example by Golan Levin

Asteroids – using

Breakout – using

Pong – using

Some very old “art” mods of breakout at the beginning of this video

Some game modding ideas

turn a single player into multi player game
turn a shooting game into a “pacifist” game
turn a competitive game into a co-operative game
turn a dull game into a more satisfying game
turn a hard, stressful game into a “nicer” game
add a contemporary computational system to an old game (swarms, physics, etc)
turn a game into a compelling audiovisual experience
switch a digital control system (arrow keys) to analog (mouse) or vice versa
combine two games into one
add an extra mechanic that completely changes the experience