Unity tutorials and resources

Unity Overview

Finding and importing 3D assets

The best type of files are FBX and OBJ. You can import .blend if you have Blender installed.

Unity Asset Store filter by free.
https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/ artsy/stylish stuff not always great for games. Select downloadable.
http://archive3d.net/ (mostly hi-res architectural 3ds)
https://kenney.nl/assets?q=3d (cutesy low poly)
http://quaternius.com/index.html (cutesy low poly)

Remember we are working in real time so we need low poly count models!

Imported objects might appear as prefab, prepackaged objects with associated components. Their icon will look different in the hierarchy. To work with a prefab (eg copy pasting an object within it) you need to unpack it:

Materials and Shaders

Download the Chicken Museum with a collection of objects, materials and shaders explained in this video:





Making things glow (Post Processing quick setup)

Download Glow script here – you need to import the post processing package first, following the video

First person controls and interaction

Download First Person Starter Kit

In includes the scenes:

Scripts – a couple of useful scripts for first person narrative (showing messages, teleporting, changing scenes) explained here:

scripts2 – a couple of basic scripts for first person games (activating things and collecting)

Probuilder and progrids


Download magikavoxel from the official website


You can download a big (800MB) package with trees, rocks, terrain textures, and water here they are all from the asset store.

Adding sounds


Physics (basic)

Building your game