subversive play – tetris

I misplayed tetris in two parts.

1) Cinematic viewing of tetris: I would watch the tetris blocks from various versions of the game fall down until the game “ends.”

2) Drawing in tetoris (provided to me by Paolo), the most inefficient and unfun tetris game ever.

The process for both were incredibly boring. I was so used to tetris being fast-paced that waiting for the blocks to fall down or trying to assemble them in an aesthetic way was tedious. But the goal was to completely go against the scoring system of tetris (erasing lines), which encourages an efficient playstyle, and I’ve succeeded on that account (score of 0 + completely inefficient way of playing tetris).

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  1. Pretty cute how you ended up with an armless guy with a flower growing out of his head in the end XD
    You should totally make a series or something with tetrois drawings!

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