• 3 bullies start with 5 stolen lunches. Bullies want to become alpha bully. Eugene has 3 lunches. Bullies want.

    Each turn bullies take a decision in Rock Paper Scissors style. Bullies can prepare to beat up Eugene (fist) or take the higher road (putting their hand up in a “NAW THAT AIN’T ME MAN” kinda way)

    There are 4 possible outcomes:

    Outcome 1 – One bully beats up Eugene. He gets all the lunch for the day. Alpha bully. Beat up other bullies. Win two lunches from other bullies.

    Outcome 2 – Two bullies beat up Eugene, get distracted. Third bully steals all the lunch for the day. Steal two lunches from other bullies.

    Outcome 3 – Three bullies beat up Eugene. Bully with most lunches is clearly the alpha bully. Alpha bully decides how to split lunches. If one bully agrees to decision, decision approved. If no consensus is made, lunches go bad. No lunch for the day.

    Outcome 4 – Three bullies take the higher road. Eugene tells the principal, all bullies lose their lunch for the day.

    The game ends when the first bully runs out of lunches. Bully with most lunches wins.