Flavor Change – Greg, Melanie, Sylvia

Flavor change

In da hood where 3 rappers try to accumulate street cred:
3 rappers start with 5 street cred + 3 street cred in the crowd (center of the table)
Each turn rappers take a decision in Rock Paper Scissors style. rappers can choose diss freestyle (fist) or peace out (open hand).
There are 4 possible outcomes:
Outcome 1 – one rapper chooses diss freestyle: this rapper pumps out some fresh lyrics against the other two rappers, gaining 1 street cred from their homies because his/her rap is so sick.
Outcome 2 – two rappers choose diss freestyle: these rappers both give 1 street cred to the third rapper because they get up in each others grillz and make each other look pretty bad.
Outcome 3 – three rappers choose diss freestyle: all rappers look wack and put 1 street cred in the streets because they’re all jocking each other’s style.
Outcome 4 – three rappers choose peace out: the crowd is so impressed with their chillness, and the rapper with most street cred proposes once, without discussion, how to divide the street cred from the crowd–by endorsing each other. If at least one rapper agrees the decision becomes effective. Otherwise, nobody gets any mo street cred.
The game ends when the first player is out of street cred and the player with the most street cred wins, becoming the King or Queen of Rap.