Bowtie Shop

In NYC where 3 Bowtie shops try to make a profit by throwing sales:

Bowtie shops start with $5,000 + $3,000 in the Bowtie Union Marketing Pool

Each turn store owners take a decision in Rock Paper Scissors style. Store owners can choose to have a sale (fist) or not have a sale (open hand).

There are 4 possible outcomes:

Sale in the City – one player chooses to have a sale: this store owner takes $1,000 in sales from each other store owner.

Low Prices, Low Profits – two store owners choose to have a sale: these store owners both give $1,000 in sales to the third store owner.

No Profits All Around – three store owners choose to have a sale: all store owners lose $1,000 in profit, which goes to the Bowtie Union Marketing Pool in hopes of regaining lost industry sales.

Successful, Normal Day – three store owners choose not to have a sale:  the store owner with most money proposes once, without discussion, how to divide the Bowtie Union Marketing Pool. If at least one store owner agrees, the decision becomes effective. Otherwise, nobody takes anyone.

The game ends when the first store owner is out of money. The store owner with the most money wins.