Flavor Change

Rules for “Prom Queen”

In a high school where normal girls and Jennifer the popular girl exchange gossip,

Katie and Melissa want to be the prom queen. Jennifer is the head cheerleader.

The normal girls each start with 10 bits of gossip and 0 social cred points

Jennifer starts with 6 bits of gossip and 15 social creed points

Once per day, the normal girls may trade 3 bits of gossip to Jennifer for 1 social cred.

Each day, the normal girls may also plea for gossip to Jennifer after school or go home immediately.

Jennifer must give the the normal girls 2 bits of gossip if they plea, but doesn’t get anything for her generosity.

A player can become prom queen by spreading 16 bits of gossip to the student body.

If any of the girls has become prom queen and then went home without pleading for gossip, she wins.

The normal girls may exchange gossip and social cred with each other freely.