Newspaper Tycoons

Mudslinging Battle
In a battle of the tabloids where 3 editors try to publish the juiciest stories:
3 Editors start with 5 million dollars + 3 million dollars in the public readership (center of the table)
Each turn editors take a decision in Rock Paper Scissors style. Editors can choose A false but juicy gossip story (fist) or Boring but true article (open hand).
There are 4 possible outcomes:
Outcome 1 – one player chooses  A false but juicy gossip story: this editor catches the other newspapers flatfooted and sells all of the papers to the people who want the juicy gossip. This editor takes 1 million dollars of stolen profit from each other editor.
Outcome 2 – two editors choose A false but juicy gossip story: these editors don’t have their facts straight and both their similar stories contradict each other, losing valuable consumer trust. Both give 1 million dollars of lost profit to the third editor.
Outcome 3 – three players choose A false but juicy gossip story: If it’s in every newspaper, it must be true! But armchair journalists on Reddit call them out and you must all pay money to a charity to compensate for the bad press. All editors put 1 million dollars into the public space
Outcome 4 – three editors choose Boring but true article: The public looks on your true stories with approval and increased confidence in the news distribution institution. The editor with most money sanctimoniously proposes a division of the new donations from the public to the union of news companies. Without discussion nor barter, this editor proposes how to divide the pool of money in the public space. If at least one editor agrees the decision becomes effective. Otherwise, nobody takes anything.
The game ends when the first editor is out of money the player with the most money wins.

[Prisoner’s dilemma, minority game, ultimatum game, framing…]

I like making interactive things. Sometimes these things are also games.