Michelle – Best Game Fest

Light Fight

Rules: Light Fight is a four player game that can only be played in the dark. Each player is on a team with one other player, and the goal is to light up three of the four opponents’ feet. Each player has a flashlight and stands on four corners of a small field. Throughout this field are boxes that a player can step behind to hide his/her feet. On each turn, a player can either maneuver around with two steps, or take one step and flash a light. There is a judge to determine is a foot is considered “lit”.

My Experience: The games I played were rather short. You definitely have to be very attentive of the spatial arrangement and be aware of your own coordination. If the game was not collaborative, it could have been very detrimental to be focused on yourself rather than strategy. In addition, I liked how the body movements were very unique for this game, and how the flashlights made the mood somewhat intense and sneaky. However, because the definition of a “lit foot” is really subjective, there was a lot of controversy. There wasn’t much the first time around because of the referee, but when the referee left, more time was wasted on superfluous discussions.



Rules: Participate by going to scattershot.gigemech.net and choose a color and one of the four ships. You and another person control one gun of two on that ship, and you shoot to propel yourself, attack other players, and collect points. The goal is to be the last ship standing.

My Experience: There was a very weird lag when shooting, so strategizing by timing was nearly impossible. Nevertheless, I partnered up with this one girl and we tried our best to propel ourselves by firing at the same time. We ended up being out-of-sync most of the time, so I just fired in order to rotate the ship while she did an amazing job shooting enemies. I didn’t see any scoreboard or any reason for collecting points, so I thought that was unusual. I think the game would be better if it were more physical. Pressing a button, although straightforward, isn’t very engaging. There are way more things you can do with an iPhone.

Ladder Toss

Although this probably doesn’t count as a game worth a report, I just really liked it. It’s much more fun than hacky sack, with basically the same rules.

Sophomore in BCSA. Ayyyyy.