Long Live the King! – Andrew, Jing, Dave, Allen

LONG LIVE THE KING! is a competitive social drinking game for 4 to 15 players.


Drinking games are fundamentally about social drinking without feeling weird about it. We’re awkward creatures who grease the wheels with a light game. But what if the game wasn’t so light? What if the game pit players against each other and facilitated imbalanced drinking and conspiratorial thinking?

(click for larger version.)

Click here for a PDF of the rules.

  1. The game was very fun to play and if it was a Friday night it would have been even better! I love the ‘flavor’ that you added to the cards, instruction manual and more; it really gives the game a medieval feel. Maybe the game should come with goblets for each player so that they can mix their drink and scream ‘long live the king’? Anyway, great job!

  2. I played the prototype for this game so it’s nice to see the new card designs you guys made. The cards and instruction manual design add a lot to the overall mood of the game. You definitely succeeded in making a drinking game more strategy based and more thought involved. Good job guys! Just a nit-picky thing – maybe the cards could have a more old look like the instruction manual? The two styles are too different for me right now 0.0

  3. Really interesting how so much strategy/thinking is involved in a drinking game–what’s particularly interesting is that the game naturally gets harder each round as people get more drunk. When we played it on Tuesday it seemed that there might have been too many people, so maybe the ideal amount would be about 5-6? Overall I think this would be really fun to play at a party!

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