LTLYM #51 Michelle

Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Here is your chance to think about and describe what you would like done with your body after you die. Do you want to be buried in a cemetery, cremated and scattered in the ocean, composted beneath an apple tree? If you don’t make some decisions now, someone else will make them for you later. Feel free to be creative but try to make sure that what you describe for your final remains will be legalĀ and really possible (not fantasy), so that your friends and family can actually carry out your wishes when the time comes. If there is a particular ceremony or activity that you would like to have accompany your final Good Bye, describe that too.

After I read a book about the process of making charcoal, I just really wanted to make charcoal from my bones. I also wonder if human bones can be ground with oil to make an Ivory Black pigment. I can’t be alive to see my bones used in such a way, so I would entrust my charcoal to my closest artist friend. Unfortunately, I don’t even know what kind of process I would have to go through to request this, so I’ll be happy if I am cremated and scattered on the top of a cliff at Cooper’s Rock or the seaside.

As for a ceremonial goodbye, I would be happy if my parents or sister were there to find closure.

Sophomore in BCSA. Ayyyyy.