Spin and Stare

A game of spinning and staring. WOW-EE.

A 4 player game.

To play, players require two objects to balance on their heads and an oddly specific set of spinning benches.

Players split into teams of two; two players to each bench. One player will sit on the bench’s axis and balance the object on their head. The other player will position themselves at the other end of the bench and turn the bench until somebody has lost the game. Generally, both “pushers” should be pushing in the same manner for fairness (i.e. sitting and pushing with feet or standing and pushing with hands).

As the pusher spins the bench, the sitter must continually turn their body so that they are always making eye contact with the other sitter while also balancing the object on their head. A sitter loses when they break eye contact or whenever the object falls off of their head.


This game went through several iterations before we finally came to the finalized rules. Another version of the game required the sitter to stand on the axis as the bench spun, and the stander could not make a full 360 turn or break eye contact. However, due to the nature of the benches, this was deemed a bit too dangerous for the quick assignment.

Another type of game we designed around the benches included a “pose-off” style of game. We all liked the idea of holding a completely still pose on the axis of the bench as the bench spun slowly, turning ourselves into a sort of mannequin and making the game more “performance” based. The game we created out of this idea was Ninja, Pirate, Hooker. In a style very similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, the player had to choose between one of the three characters to win. Pirate beats Ninja (because of their sword skills), Ninja beats Hooker (because they can’t fall for their seduction), and Hooker beats Pirate (better hooks. And tits). As the players were slowly spun on the bench, they would strike a pose resembling one of the three characters, and whenever they are turned to face each other they reveal who they are and the winner is decided.

But because this game was so close to Rock, Paper, Scissors, we decided to better develop Spin and Stare.