Tagline – Greg, Jing, Maryann, Swetha, Tess

Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3g2c0a3f9um5wya/AACaYf5Womct0xO20j5nfJB2a?dl=0

Tagline is a combination of tag, snakes and ladders, and hopscotch, with a dash of icebreaker. Like in tag, one player is chosen to be “it”, and they chase other players and try to tag them. However, in Tagline, when you’re tagged, you also have to tell an embarrassing story about yourself to the other players. Additionally, all players can only move on a grid drawn on the sidewalk.  The grid has various sketches drawn throughout that, like in Snakes and Ladders, can act as shortcuts or slow you down. Players can interact by blocking each other so that another player gets tagged.

The idea of gamification here is to get players used to interacting with each other by playing a game and following all of the same rules. For this or other reasons, people seem to find games a lot more natural than the contrived nature of pure ice breakers, and our goal was to create a more engaging and successful way to get to know new people.

We found during our tests of this game that in a group of friends, this game became intense, competitive, but most importantly fun! With a group of strangers, however, the stories shared during the game and the competitive atmosphere provided a good way for us to feel comfortable with each other and get to know one another. In the end, everyone walked away feeling happy and feeling as if  we truly got to see into a bit of each others characters.