Game Picks

Nightmare Demo

The first game I tried out is called Nightmare Demo. It’s a shooting game where you try to defeat the minion bunnies and boss bunny in waves. My favorite parts about the game were the characters and satisfying feel of the machine gun attack.

The most dissatisfying part of the game was the little hole in the wall that lets you escape from harm. While you’re in there, all the bunnies freeze in place, but you can still kill them. It’s kind of like the disappointment of tag when you’re “it” and everyone loiters around base.


The second game I played was called Awe¬†and it is a simple puzzle game. You have to find out the color pattern for the hidden triangles to unlock new colors. Each color corresponds to a sound, and the act of completing a pattern creates new landmarks. The game also has a collaborative mode, but I couldn’t really tell the difference since no one else was online.

As far as game feel goes, most of it is polish, but the act of selecting a color has a unique percussive effect. In addition, the theme of being a creator makes the experience more meaningful and uplifting.

Sophomore in BCSA. Ayyyyy.