Dress – up game remake

Art Game: http://www.pippinbarr.com/games/artgame/ArtGame.html

Dress-Up Game (Generic): http://www.dressupgames.com/

My idea for a game is a play off of the popular dress-up game for casual gamers. However, This game will be slightly like the Art Game in that you have to have your parents’ critique and approval before going out in the clothes you’ve chosen. The clothes you’ve chosen also give you merits such as ‘street creed,’ ‘coolness,’ ’sluttiness.’ These factors will go up and down corresponding to how our society would view these dress choices.

I mainly want to make this game because when I was younger (basically up till right before I came to college). I really enjoyed playing dress-up games online because I could dress the character up in anything I wanted without guilt or pressure from societal judgment and pressure form my parents. I hope this game, masked as a simple game about finding a combination of clothing you and your parents like, will shed light or question a larger societal problem that tells people what they can wear and how based on social norms, religion, etc.

The parents’ preferences will be heavily based on my own parents’ preferences.

Edit: Here is my screenshot: