Flappy Race 2000 (a series of questions / proposals)

So, the Flappy Game. (I need a name pls.)

Right now, here are the (ideal) rules:

  • 2-20 Players race across a randomly generated map of obstacles.
  • They play on one keyboard, jockeying for space.
  • The background shifts quickly. Obstacles which match the color of the background disappear.
  • If they “Flap” while on another player’s trail, they receive a boost to their speed for a short time.
  • The first player to reach the finish line wins!


1) It’s slow. Not kinetic enough to be comparable to the fun of mariokart.
2) It’s Random. The one-button flap right now feels like you don’t have control.
3) Random Maps are lame.
4) The color shifting isn’t obvious and maybe isn’t fun.

5) The game isn’t very fun.

// So in the next month I would like to fix those things.

Some ideas:
1) Change movement. Give each bird their own forward flying force, and make the “flap” more of a “steer” up and down.
2) Add velocity, zoom out on the map, and make it feel more “fast”. Re: what Ben Esposito said about Wipeout and faking speed.
3) Find a way for the player’s to interact (powerups? switchups? killing each other?)

4) Maybe possibly bring back the permadeath. But this doesn’t seem like more fun to me.

Also, redo the aesthetics. But that will happen in the last little bit of time once the thing seems kind of fun to play (sorry, real artists. unless you have a really cool theme to relay…)