Ticha-Martians Marching


Realized I did not make a proper post for this so I decided to share it with you all! (Note: this is just my mod and not my final project)

Dropbox folder

This is my TouchOSC-controlled game, Martians Marching*. Martians Marching is a three-player game, in which one person plays the role of an alien ship terrorizing Earth and the other two people are defenders of the planet. Aliens, with their sophisticated extraterrestrial technology, have the ability to sequence genomes at a rapid pace. For that reason, alien warlords are able to dispatch various attacker minions with special genetic makeup that makes them impervious to most elements. Fortunately for the humans, a powerful plasma cannon was developed by the military to combat genetically-engineered alien forces. However, due to its convoluted control system, the cannon must be operated by two individuals.

Alien interface 
Human commander interface
Human plasma color interface


(This game requires three devices with TouchOSC.)

  1. Connect to the same Wifi network and configure the Host IP address.
  2. Set the outgoing port to 8000.
  3. Have the commander-interface.touchosc, human-hue-interface.touchosc, and alien-interface.touchosc layouts downloaded to each device.

How to play:

  1. Alien player configures the color of the alien minion using the red, green, and blue dials on their interface.
  2. Alien player can use the gray slider to determine where on the bottom of the screen they would like their minion to land.
  3. Only two minions can be on screen at a time.
  4. One human player (the commander) aims and shoots the plasma beams.
  5. The other human player configures the plasma beam so that the plasma color matches up with the color of the targeted alien.
  6. If an alien gets hit with a non-matching color, they become empowered and fall faster.
  7. Earth gets points for destroying aliens.
  8. Mars gets points for having aliens cross the bottom of the screen.
  9. The team with the most points wins.



*Please excuse the lame title; I couldn’t think of a better name.