Homeplay: 2D exploration games

An assortment of short titles to play as homeplay. They are not a canon, nor the best you can find, they were selected because they all have something that relates to our project.

And I made sure…

Flat game. Hand drawn pixel art, storytelling, game feel

A Short trip


Interactive Illustration

The Herbalist

Hand drawn, b/w

10 beautiful postcards


Hand drawn and mixed media

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

New pixel art (lighting effects, palette, layering)

Pear quest


1 bit, ultra low res Pixel art, filling the gaps

Let’s Play: The Shining






Processed claymation, RPG with a twist

Sticky Zeitgeist epII

NSFW queer sci-fi

Lieve Oma

Personal story, limited palette

A short hike

Small scale open world

Behind every Great one

Social commentary, cyclical time

The Cat and the Coup

Documentaristic + Collage

Black Room

by a studio artist, Asset remix

Tux and Fanny

“Point and click adventure” Dream logic, expanded universe, made by film director

Frog’s Adventure

Point and click puzzles + hand drawn with colors

The Good Time Garden

Surreal Puzzle


Meaning through rules


Asset reuse, negative space


Not everything has to be drawn


Game Feel, no outlines -> zoom




Knights and Bikes

3.5D illustration adaptation

Genesis Noir

Style, visual language