Exercise: Cityscape

Download the expressive environment template
(check the video here if you have trouble setting it up)

Download this generic modern city model

The goal is to overcome the default Unity look and give it a theme or personality by:
-changing lighting: on scene, global illumination, skybox, fog etc.
-applying materials (including textures)
-using effects, such as special shaders or particles
-adding post processing effects
-changing the camera view

-you can add a maximum of 3 extra models or assets you made or found (which may appear repeated, like trees)
-you can change the UV mapping of the city objects if you know how.
– if Unity struggles with the large number of objects you can join the objects in Blender.
– you don’t have to assign materials to the objects, you can only change what is seen from the camera
-Don’t modify geometry of the city model.

3 “postcards” (high resolution screenshots) or a 10 seconds video

Examples of themes:
Friendly city, scary city, underwater city, Mars colony, cartoon city, glitch city, dream city, heaven, hell, utopia, dystopia, paper city, cheese city, trippy, etc…


How to create materials with polycam